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kik nailsBeing active on social media, you would probably have heard about Kik. This seems to be among the most popular instant messaging platforms on the web these days. There is indeed a reason why it is so, though. Aside from the fact that it is an interesting way to send out and receive messages from friends and family alike, it offers a lot of features that regular SMS messaging alone is not about to provide. And there are plenty of websites offering an abundance of kik names in case you have no-one to message to. For example: – kik usernames — an awesome place to find as many friends as you need.


Convenient way to message

This instant messaging app makes it easier for people to successfully message their contact in an unlimited fashion. Unlike regular text messages where your messages are counted and charged every time if you do not have an unlimited text plan on your phone, this one lets you send out as many messages and receive as many messages as well. It uses data or internet connection on the home for the messaging to function. Hence, the reason why users can message as often as they want anytime and anywhere.


Group chat

Ever been in a situation where you have something to say to your group of friends, but then you have to message them one by one just to tell them what you want to say? This is something that has been remedied by Kik. This is because the platform offers the option to allow their users to create group chats. The group can accommodate up to 13 members where they get to interact with each other and message each other. Now, all you need to do is send a single message, and the rest of the members of the group gets to be notified of it and to see it.


Easy invite

You do not need to have to manually add friends as well or have to ask them for their username to get them added to your contacts. All you need to do is get your contact list on the phone synched along with the Kik app. This makes it easier for you to determine who among the names on your friend’s list already have signed up for the app. You can just go ahead and add them from there, and you wait for them to add you so you can start messaging.


This is also a good method for you to send an invite to those friends who do not have the app yet. This way, they get to download the app, add your name to their list of contacts, and they start messaging with you afterward. Of course, there is always that another way of asking them for their username, so you get to add them. Do remember that you will not be able to start messaging with any contact until they add you on their end as well. You can go and search for as many kik usernames as you like on this kik friends finder or any other that you prefer.


Know the message status

To a lot of people, Kik offers not only a convenient way to send and receive messages, but also a way to know the status of the messages that you are sending. You will be notified with the then message has been delivered and if it has been received on the other person’s end. You can see when a contact is typing as well. All of these make the app a really good platform for those that love messaging a lot.

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